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Weight loss: How small changes can lead to huge changes

Whether you are an athlete or not, losing weight is often a goal for many of us, whether that's a New Year's resolution or getting your body beach ready for a summer holiday.
Despite being a pretty active person I have battled with the flab most of my adult life. While giving up alcohol has helped me lose weight, it is definitely one of my main goals for the coming Triathlon season.
The main reason for this is that it's a very effective way of getting quicker.

According to The Triathlete’s Training Bible (which is written by triathlon coaching legend Joe Friel and is a bit like a bible for triathletes in training) losing 10 pounds of excess flab means you can ride up a hill 7-10 per cent faster and run 5km around a minute quicker without putting in any extra training.
So for someone like me, who carries considerably more than 10 pounds of excess flab, it’s a bit of a no brainer.
For example, one of the first events I am taking part in this year is the Brighton Half Marathon. It…

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