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Open Water Swimming... In February

You're in for a treat this week. To start with, for only the second time in Trihard history there is video content on this blog.

And secondly, I'm going to share some video that I originally posted on the One Year No Year Beer Facebook group. I actually post quite a lot of video content on that group and want to do a bit more of that on here, because it's a lot easier than writing!

Anyway, one of the things I love most about triathlon is open water swimming. Where I live there are several lakes and reservoirs with organised sessions and I'm less than half an hour away from the coast if I fancy a spot of sea swimming.

But this is confined to the summer months and usually when wearing my wetsuit. As a result I'm also on a Facebook group called the Outdoor Swimming Society. So I was quite astounded to discover that a lot of the members of this group don't confine their activities to the summer months and don't bother with wetsuits.

A very extreme example of th…

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